This is not for the average gamer who goes and plays cod once a month, or the slick kid who says he a Huge Mario Cart fan just so that they can be different and claim they are a gamer or nerd. This title belongs to those who know the 10 to 20 hour plus grinds, to the ones who don’t give up so easily and have the will to push through the game, to the ones who are so dedicated that their lives become the game itself, this goes to the ones who live and die for it. To be a gamer is something that one can be proud of no matter what any so called adult or critic says. What these critics fail to realize is that its taking over, its evolved in so many ways that now make it possible for someone to make a career off gaming itself. I’m not saying that since its gotten more poplar that it will be easy, I’m just pointing out that its possible and all true gamer’s know that deep down. So if you love it go ahead and go after it because, well that’s what life’s all about. Now before you step into this virtual adventure, that you will soon call life i want you to know something, I want you to know that in the end no matter how many times you fail or how many times you rage and threaten to quit what you love because your discouraged i want you to realize that its truly just all about the GAME. VGHS Insipred…

Good Day to you

-JS Joker


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